United States Colored Troops

United States Colored Troops

War Department general order 143 dated may 22, 1863
authorized the formation of the Bureau of United States Colored Troops. This order officially began recognition of Black Soldiers in the United States Army. All Regiments of Colored Soldiers already raised during the Civil War and all future Colored Regiments would be designated as United States Colored Troops. The 29th Conn. Inf., 54th Mass. Inf., 55th Mass. Inf. and the 5th Mass. Colored Cavalry Regiments retained their State designation throughout the Civil War.  
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Between 180,000 and 200,000 Black Enlisted Men and White Officers served in the United States Colored Troops. By the end of the Civil War they comprised ten percent of the Union Army.

United States Colored Troops participated in 449 engagements 39 of these were major Battles. Some of the Battles include Port Hudson, LA May 22-July 8, 1863, Millikens Bend, LA June 5-7, 1863, Olustee, FL Febuary 20, 1864, Chapins Farm, VA September 29-30, 1864, Siege of Petersburg, VA June 15, 1864-April 2, 1865, Nashville, TN December 15-16, 1864, Fort Fisher, NC Febuary 22, 1865, Fort Blakely, AL March 31-April 9, 1865, Appomattox, VA April 9, 1865.

United States Colored Troops were massacred at Fort Pillow, TN April 12, 1864, The Crater Petersburg, VA July 30, 1864 and at Saltville, VA October 2, 1864.

Also the 62nd USCI Regiment took part in one of the last Engagements of the Civil War, Palmetto Ranch, Texas May 15, 1865 Over a month after the surrender at Appomattox VA.