8th USCI Uniform/Equipment

8th USCI Uniform/Equipment

The 8th United States Colored Infantry Regiment was equipped and uniformed like the majority of USCT, Late Civil War Union Infantry.

Federal Sack Coat-dark blue wool
Infantry Trousers-sky blue wool
Forage Cap Late War-dark blue wool(brass Infantry bugle can be worn on cap)
Shoes-black leather brogans (rough side out)

Suspenders (braces)-canvas

Waist Belt-black leather w/brass U.S. buckle
Cap Pouch-black leather
Cartridge Box-black leather w/brass U.S. plate
Cartridge Box Strap-black leather w/brass Eagle plate
Canteen-dark blue wool cover
Haversack-black tarred canvas w/tin cup, plate, utensils, housewife (sewing kit) ECT.

Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket .58 Cal. w/leather sling
Bayonet for Springfield Musket w/black leather scabbard

Joining Company A, 8th USCI

These are the basic items required for the 8th USCI impression. Listed below you will find links to sutlers that I have used this will allow the prospective recruit to get a general idea of how much it will cost to get started. If you feel that you might be interested in this type of living History and would like to Join Company A 8th USCI please contact mmadden22@comcast.net

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