25th Army Corps

25th Army Corps

The 25th Army Corps was created by General Order 297 dated December 3, 1864. This order disbanded the 10th and 18th Army Corps placing the White troops from these two Corps in the newly formed 24th Army Corps and all of the the Black troops from those Corps into the 25th Army Corps. The 25th was commanded by Major General Godfrey Weitzel and assigned to the Army of the James where the now disbanded 10th and 18th Corps had been assigned.

Units of the 25th Army Corps took part in the Seige of Petersburg, Battle of Fort Fischer and the Appomattox Campaign. The 25th Corps was the last Union Corps formed during the Civil War. After the War the Corps was sent to Texas to guard the border with Mexico. the 25th Corps was discontinued as an organization on January 8, 1866.

On January 31, 1866 General Weitzel said of his Colored Troops "It's organization was an experiment which has proven a perfect success. the conduct of its soldiers has been such to draw praise from persons most predjudiced against color, and there is no record which should give the colored race more pride than that left by the 25th Army Corps."

~25th Army Corps-Major General G. Wietzel~

*First Division-Brigadier General E. Wild

First Brigade-Brevet Brigadier General A. Draper
22nd USCI, 36th USCI, 38th USCI, 118th USCI

Second Brigade-Brevet Brigadier General C. Russell
29th Conn.(Colored), 9th USCI, 117th USCI

Third Brigade-Brigadier General H. Thomas
19th USCI, 23rd USCI, 43rd USCI, 2nd USCC (Dismounted)

*Second Division-Brigadier General W. Birney

First Brigade-Colonel J. Shaw Jr.
7th USCI, 109th USCI, 115th USCI, 116th USCI

Second Brigade-Colonel U. Doubleday
8th USCI, 41st USCI, 45th USCI, 127th USCI

Third Brigade-Colonel E. Martindale
28th USCI, 29th USCI, 31st USCI

*Third Division-Brigadier General C. Paine

First Brigade-Brevet Brigadier General D. Bates
1st USCI, 30th USCI, 107th USCI

Second Brigade-Colonel J. Ames
4th USCI, 6th USCI, 39th USCI

Third Brigade-Colonel E. Wright
5th USCI, 10th USCI, 27th USCI, 37th USCI

*Artillery Brigade-Lieutenant Colonel R. Jackson

*Cavalry Division-Brevet Brigadier General A. Kautz

*Defense of Bermuda Hundred-Brevet Major General E. Ferrero

(This is the Order of Battle for the 25th Corps in the Spring of 1865)