One Click Root & Recovery for the Epic 4G! v2.5.5 Now has ClockworkMod Redirector!

OK you might wanna know why you should root. After playing with your phone for a while (30 seconds or so) you will have a wish list; now imagine wish granted!!!

It is called rooting your phone. 

Here’s one great example and an awesome app to support it.

Example: Bob and Alice live in anywhere USA. The Verizon signal for Bob’s phone fantastic, But when Alice a CDMA Sprint user steps inside her home. Guess what? No signal. So what is Alice to do?

I know I know switch to Verizon….Hey stick with my story.

Well Alice decided to root her phone and now uses a App called roamcontrol found at (or the market on your phone) and magically has four bars in her home.

Ok back to our story, How do I root my phone?

Well once again no need to recreate the wheel. A excellent article by noobnl

follows OK it's a hyper link to a article.

Uh it’s kinda of important to read all of his stuff, you will need the required drivers :)