This was prior the Sprint February 22nd Froyo release


Guide: Install Android 2.2.1 Update DK28 on Epic 4G

Hey it’s time to lead…follow… or you get the point! So in this case I’m following and the person (kennethpenn) has a great easy bake oven way of upgrading to FROYO. He wrote a excellent tutorial. Nuff said here’s the link


                                     My Epic 4g

Before                                                                       After

Model SPH-D700                                                      Model SPH-D700

Firmware 2.1-update1                                            Firmware 2.2-update1

Baseband version                                                    Baseband version
S:D700.0.05S:DI18                                                  S:D700.0.05S:DK28

Kernel 2.6.29                                                            Kernel

Build Number SPH-D700 éclair.dI18                     Build Number FROYO.DK28

Hardware D700.0.5                                                 Hardware D700.0.5

This is buggy forewarned !!!!